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Wild Horse

(mostly Crooked Creek)

803F1 Pictures

This us fixing our packs at Philips Junction after our food pick-up but on the way to Crooked Creek and Wild Horse.


This is our crew hiking up to the cabin at Crooked Creek.  It was on top of a fair sized hill but it had a nice path.


At Crooked Creek there was a orphan lamb named Frankie.  In this picture, Ben K. is having an in depth conversation with Frankie about various topics.


Alison and Katrina spent a little time watching the cows.  The large tan cow was Savannah the mother of the small brown cow, Pork Chop.


Katrina, Mr. S., and Sean were now just petting the burrows.  Earlier a bunch of crew members were hugging the burrows because we were informed by the cabin staff that it was National Hug-A-Burrow Day.


This is lunch time at Crooked Creek.  We shared our lunch with about 10 chickens.  On a personal note, we had lunch 9 that day and it wasn't one of my favorites.


Alison really didn't want to share her lunch but the chicken did.  So in one quick motion she snatched it right up.  Of course at this point she was probably thinking, "Ok. I have a chicken. Now what?"


This was the view you could see from the top of the hill at Crooked Creek.  It was absolutely amazing.  On a side note, they have the highest flag pole in all of Philmont at a height of 38ft.


When we woke up the morning we were to hike to Mt. Philips we were graced with this bewildering view.  The fog wasn't a bad thing at all, it was actually quite beautiful.


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