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Tooth of Time

page 2

803F1 Pictures

Crew 803F2 had a little difficulty with their bear lines when they manage to tangle them into a knot near the cable itself.  This is a desperate attempt to salvage some rope by cutting the rope as high as possible.


This is part of Crew 803F2 and all of 803F1 watching the sunrise on the side of the Tooth of Time.


This is one what we got up at 5:15 to see.  And it was so worth it.  This picture doesn't even do the sunrise justice.


This is the youth of both crews on the very top of the Tooth of Time.


Jen, Amanda, and Ben K. on a ledge.  Ben noticed the camera and went into shock.


In our true crew tradition, Mark, Ben K., Oliver, and Vinny performed the Lion King on top of the Tooth.


I don't know if this is bad placement because of chronology but I thought it gave you an idea where we were.  This picture was taken from Lover's Leap Turnaround, where we were dropped off the first day.


These are the rock recliners located just below the trail to the top of the Tooth.  We sat down here for a break before heading down to our site for breakfast.


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