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Tooth of Time

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803F1 Pictures

This is a view we saw on the way to the Tooth of Time.  This Cathedral Rock and the Cimarroncito Reservoir.


Oliver and Mr. R. took their shot at roping while at Clark's Fork for lunch on our way to the Tooth of Time.


Going around clockwise starting from the left we have Vinny, Chris, Alison, Jen, Katrina, and Amanda playing a game of cards.  This was a popular pastime of the trip.


Here we have Ben K. sneaking up on the elusive Mr. S.  Ben has to be very careful because this is one of the deadliest creatures known to man.


The creature awakes.  Ben flails his arms in an effort to scare the creature from attacking.


This is one of the views from our hike to the Tooth of Time.


In this photo we climbed up on top of a pile of rocks while we were walking along the ridge to the Tooth of Time.  From this point you could see vast plains that seemed to go on forever.


A few crew members checking out yet another marvelous view.


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