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July 31, 2002

Both Crews gathered for a first picture before we board the bus to Logan Airport.


Jen with Danny behind her on the airplane from Boston to Atlanta. Jeremy is to the far right of the picture talking to Oliver who is behind him.


Crew 803F2 standing outside at the Air Force Academy.


The Chapel at the Air Force Academy.  The chapel has three different sections, one Protestant, one Catholic, and one Jewish.


One of the many magnificent rock formations located in the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.


Both Crews posing for a photo op in the Garden of the Gods.


The "Rasta Girls and Trina" as Jen, Katrina, Amanda, and Alison were referred to in those first few days posing for a picture at the Flying W Ranch.  Amanda once again demonstrating just how photogenic she is.


Mr. M wearing a beanie purchased by one of his crew members while at the Flying W Ranch.


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