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Hemenway 2001: Group picture taken at the end of the Hemenway Trip in front of the Hemenway State Forest sign.

Megamaze 2001: Alison unfortunately had fallen asleep. Oliver, being Oliver, proceeded to take a SharpieŽ and write on her arm.  Boy was she mad when she woke up.

Group photo in from of the gates to the Megamaze 2001.

Group photo in front of the memorial wall at the Coast Guard Academy in 2002.

Enjoying our tour around the Coast Guard Academy in 2002 led by our 4th year cadet.

(Left to right) Alison and Jen enjoying their sleep while they can before they hit the slopes on the Ragged Mt. Ski Trip 2002.

Katrina doing what she loves on the Snow Shoe Trip 2002.

The Swim/Old Country Buffet 2002 trip.  The youths finally beat the adults in the swimming race.


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