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Minutemen March 2003: Kate, Kevin and Julie relaxing after walking 9 miles from Maynard to Concord with the Stow Minutemen.

Minutemen March 2003: Here's Katrina demonstrating what she's going to do to the rest of us for making her get up this early; all she needs is a scythe.

AT Hike 2003: We had to cross several rivers on our our trip; some of us had more trouble than others.  Mrs. T decided to see if her pants were as waterproof as her boots; they were not.

AT Hike 2003: Apparently Kevin was a little tired after our incredibly strenuous day of hiking; a total of five whole miles

AT Hike 2003: This is the view from one of our tents. It's April 23rd and it's snowing out!  At least we didn't have to hike in it.

AT Hike 2003: There was some disagreement about whether we'd all fit through here, but as Mrs. T aptly demonstrated there was plenty of space---sort of.

AT Hike 2003: We're not really sure what Kevin's looking for, but we do hope he finds it.


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