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Alison, Mrs. T, and Jen at the 2001 Pancake Breakfast.

Alison within her sleeping bag, on the 2001 Lean-to Trip, suffering the consequences of a prank pulled by Oliver, Chris, and Vinny.

A "very happy" Katrina having her picture taken on the 2001 Lean-to Trip.

(left to right) Alison, Oliver, Jen, & Margaret at Venture Camp 2001 after a fortunate run in with a hose.

Jeremy in a tree on the 2002 Snow Shoe Trip at Mr. P.'s.

(left to right) Julie, Oliver, Jen, Chris Sch., Katrina, & Alison in front of the Museum of Science gift shop. (2002)

Snow Shoe Trip 2002: (left to right) Side of Mr. H.'s face, Amanda, Alison, Ben K., Mr. M., Jeff, Jeremy, & Chris Sch. at the first shift of dinner at Mr. P.'s place.

Snow Shoe Trip 2002: (starting bottom left going clockwise) Chris Sch., Jen, Mr. Hi., Katrina, Oliver, and Sean eating at second shift dinner at Mr. P.'s.



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