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Cave Trip 2003: The entire caving group after the experiences of the Wards-Gregory Cave.

Cave Trip 2003: A sink hole entrance for the Wards-Gregory Cave. This is not the entrance we used.

Cave Trip 2003: Another entrances to the Wards-Gregory Cave; we definitely did not use this entrance.

Cave Trip 2003: Make shift twister made from random foam squares.  Very fun, yet very difficult.  Pat and Chris were the first two out and in the end Jen beat Kevin.

Cave Trip 2003: Kevin destroys the tower we made with him inside.  We had him trapped because we put gym mats on top of the tower.  Notice the foam pieces and the gym mat still in mid-flight.

Fort Ticonderoga 2003: Birthday cakes for Mr. H.'s birthday.

Fort Ticonderoga 2003: Kate, Julie, and Jen going through the Victoria's Secret sale bins at the mall where we had dinner.

Fort Ticonderoga 2003: The Venture group on the ferry on Lake Champlain on their way back to Vermont.

Fort Ticonderoga 2003: Watching part of the reenactment.


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