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Mount Philips

803F1 Pictures

Amanda holding Jackson the cabin kitten of Clear Creek.  This was very big day in Jackson's life, he killed his first mole.


While at Clear Creek we were able to throw tomahawks.  This is Ben K. throwing a tomahawk.  If you throw the tomahawk and it goes into the "bog" located behind the stumps you have to sing and dance in apology to the bog monster.  Unfortunately for Ben, he threw it back there 4 times.  He sang his Chicken song, My Bonnie lies over the ocean, and one other that I'll find out and get back to you.  We let him off the 4th time, he was getting rather perturbed.


This is both crews on top of Mt. Philips just enjoying the magnificent view.


This is one of the many views from the top of Mt. Philips.


Jen and her mom, Mrs. T., atop Mt. Philips.


This is a just one of the nine pictures taken of this stunning sunset atop Mt. Philips.


Jen taking a picture of Oliver and Ben while Katrina holds the other camera.


This is one of the views we were able to witness as we hiked down the next day.


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