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Minutes for the October 28, 2001 Meeting

Officers' Meeting:
      Started - 7:05 pm  Adjourned - 7:20PM

      Chris was appointed in charge of obtaining hats for the Venture Crew (hereafter referred to as "VC")

      Lean-to trip - 78 people expected to attend (not including VC)  Chris was chosen as patrol leader.

      Someone needs to get bags donated from a grocery store to do a food drive -- each member of the VC distributes the bags throughout his/her neighborhood with a notice attached to the bags asking people to please put food in those bags for the food pantry.  The bags are then collected the next day and brought to the food pantry.

Regular Meeting:
      Started - 7:30PM  Adjourned - 8:35pm

      Attendance - Alison C.
                         Ben K.
                         Oliver L.
                         Vinny R.
                         Christopher S.
                         Katrina S.
                         Jen T.
                         Julie Z.
                         Sean D.

      Started off by introducing ourselves to Sean, stating our names and something we like.

      Oliver read the Crew Bylaws.

      Voted on being able to wear only white or gray long-sleeved shirts under our class A's (with no writing on the sleeves) - motion passed

      Debated on what sort of food to make for the lean-to trip cooking competition.  Was still not decided when meeting ended.

      Discussed possibilities for next year's high adventure trip --
                              Sea Base - get scuba cert.'s as a group during the year and
                              then go to Sea Base so we could get as much time in the
                              water as possible.

      Jen handed out the dues slips.

      Clarified Jen's dues spreadsheet because no one understood it.

      Next VC meeting was set for November 18th.

      Talked about the food drive again - Alison and Jen are going to get the bags.

      Talked about the need for longer and/or more frequent meetings.

      Talked about the need of having a phone tree so that people could be reminded of the meetings, and hopefully we would get a larger turn out at the meetings.  Jen said she was working on one and would e-mail it to everyone.

Meeting Minutes taken by Katrina S.