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Minutes for the February 20, 2000, Meeting


In attendance:  Tyler G., Alex H., Amanda J., Vinny R., Ben T., Jen T., Mrs. T., Jessica T.

Absent: Meredith G., Meredith S., Emilie B., Alison C.

As a reminder to all members a calendar was mailed over 1 week ago to all members.  It is your responsibility to ensure your activity dates get on your family calendar and it is your responsibility to notify the crew President Ben T. if you will be absent.  If yours is an excused absence, your call will prevent you from being placed on the inactive members list.

“C. Membership
1. Attendance and Expectations
All members are expected to attend the monthly crew meeting. If a member will be unable to attend the crew meeting for any reason, it is the member's responsibility to inform the crew President in advance of the meeting. All members absent from a crew meeting will be required to provide an excuse for their absence. Acceptable excuses include sickness, prior family engagement, family emergency, and religious services. Unacceptable excuses include homework, baby-sitting, and social events (parties, concerts, etc.) Members unable to provide an acceptable excuse will be placed in inactive status. These rules and expectations also apply for officers’ meetings and fundraisers. It is the duty of the Secretary to take attendance at all crew activities.
2. Inactive Members
Members who are classified as “inactive” will be returned to active status provided that they (1) are up to date in payment of dues; AND (2) attend or have an excused absence for the current month's crew meeting. Inactive members are not permitted to participate in any crew activities, except crew meetings and fundraisers. It is the duty of the Secretary to maintain the list of inactive members.  Officers who are inactive may be removed from office by a two thirds majority of active members present at a crew meeting.”

Mrs. T. welcomed Alex and Vinny to Venturing and explained the objectives of the Venture program.  She also gave a synopsis of past and future activities.  Copies of the Code and Bylaws were distributed and read through by Ben.

The training activity taking place on Wednesday, Feb. 23, was discussed.  All are welcome to attend.  Those involved in MHS musical rehearsals will leave to attend them.  Uniforms are required and lunch will be provided.

Suggestions were taken for activities to do in the spring.  Tyler suggested white water rafting, Amanda suggested going to Sculptured Rocks in NH, and Jessica suggested various Robinson Crusoe-style activities.  Mrs. T. mentioned several trips that we could possibly attend with the Boy Scout troop, including Split Rock on April 28-30, the hiking trip on June 23-25, and canoeing to Bear Island on Lake Winnipesauke in September.

Mrs. T. distributed Silver Award Guidebooks and discussed advancement possibilities.  Ben closed the meeting with recitation of the Venturing Oath and Code.

Meeting Minutes taken by Ben T.