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Minutes for the March 11, 2001, Meeting

The meeting began at 6:31pm with The Pledge of Allegiance & Venture Scout Oath lead by Jen.

Roll Call: Mr. O., Mrs. T., Ben T., Julie, Katrina, Chris, Jen, Meredith S., & Oliver.

- Oliver organized a lovely team building activity, which consisted of a knee sitting circle, a four man and three-man push-up, and ordering ourselves in line by month first and day second silently.
- Jen passed out treasury slips of dues owed to everyone.  A brief discussion of dues money use took place and we decided it should be used for trip funding and equipment.
- Mrs. T. handed out permission slips for the Snowshoe trip (Apr. 6-8) and gave a quick overview.
- Mrs. T. went over the calendar.
- Swim O.C.B. not to be rescheduled and refund will be made into scout accounts.
- Ski Trip follow-up since we did not snow tube we will be refunded $5 into our scout accounts.
- Mrs. T. ragged on Isaac Davis trip of the past.
- April 14th - Church Clean-up & Bottle Drive
- April 28th Council Road Rally only for Venture Crew members
- Venture Summer Camp Explanation on the mailing
- April 19th - Minutemen Walk
- Future trip collaboration Cooking, Bowl Burning, Orienteering, Culture, Freedom Trail, D.u.c.k.w. tours, Assabet Canoeing, & C.O.P.E.
- Sept. Canoe
- Oct. C.O.P.E.
- Nov. Freedom Trail
- Meeting Closed at 7:32
- The meeting continued anyway
- After meeting thoughts a yes on Hemenway in December
- Jan. ski
- Feb. Freeze-out
- Feb. Swim O.C.B.
- Backpacking the A.T.?

Minutes Taken by Jen