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Minutes for the January 7, 2001, Meeting


The meeting began at 6:37pm with The Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call
Present: Ben K., Oliver L., Mr. O., Julie Z., Meredith
S., Chris S., Meredith G., Will C., Mrs. T.,
Katrina S., Amanda J., Alison C., Ben T., Jen T., U.
R. Solazy

Program:  Alison spoke and gave us the dates of many upcoming events
January:  20-  Ice Cats
21-  Swim and buffet
February: 3-Freeze Out
4- 6:30-7:30, Crew Meeting
11-  Scout Sunday/Banquet, 9:30, Maynard UCC
23-24-  Ski Trip
April:  6-8-  Mr. P's cabin trip
?-  Isaac Davis Camporee
Summer:  Possible White Mountain Trip

Amanda reviewed the number of people in the crew.  We have 17 registered
youth members.

Treasurers Report:  Jen informed certain people who need to pay their
overdue dues. If everyone pays their dues, we should have $310.

Mrs. T. spoke on Philmont, so far two people have registered to go.
There will be more information at the next meeting.

Concerns:  The menu on camping trips is both fattening and repetitive.  We
need more input on menu's, and we also need different people doing the
shopping, planning, cooking, cleaning.

Many items are getting lost on camping trips.  It happens, if you don't want
things lost keep track of them, and personally mark your own silverware so
it doesn't get mistaken for someone else's.

We have two web pages, and we will keep both up, as long as they both have
link's to the other crew site.

We talked about upcoming activities, such as possibly walking the freedom
trail, the witch trail, and visiting the jamboree.

The meeting closed at 7:21

Respectfully Submitted,
Ben K.
Crew Secretary