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Minutes for the Oct. 22, 2000 Greenbar/Venture Crew Meeting

Well, lets see, we started the meeting with some lovely pizza that I went
and picked up, but Mrs. T paid for.  Then we all sat and started out
with introductions, and had a little awkward silence.  SO Mrs. T started the
meeting out with some concerns.  She said why we were there (to discuss
problems and work out any problems we had) Ben t then brought up the issue
of trips where the venture crew accompanies the troop, and should act more
like a patrol in the troop rather than a separate group.  Then he brought up
that ahead of time the crew chief and the SPL to discuss what we were going
to be responsible for, and how were going to help.  Another awkward silence,
which Chris broke with a couple of concerns he had. He thought it wasn't
fair that the VC (venture crew) got to stay in the staff lounge for the
lean-to trip.  That we get to stay in a heated cabin while they are out in
lean-to's.  So then Alichild, and Jen brought up that they would prefer to
stay in tents.  Then Ben said yes but remember the troop likes staying in
the lean-to's so, Mrs. T brought up the issue that last year the VC wasn't
welcome, and had taken a lean-to away from the troop, and were planning to
stay in the staff lounge to stay out of the way.  SO to sum up this issue it
was decided that the VC were going to stay in tents so everything would be
Then the issue was brought up that the VC needs to help more often around he
camp site, and help with KP.  So it was countered with that on the bear
island trip the KP was done the whole time by the VC.  So then Mrs. T
brought up common courtesy that anyone should have helped and she expects
them too.  "I'm not an ass" (Chris) that yes he would have helped and always
Then the issue of segregation was brought up (a perfect example the Boy Scouts sat
and ate there pizza in a little huddle, while the Venture Crew sat at the tables,
completely segregated, until Oliver tried many different methods to bring
them over.):-) didn't work well.  Then the issue was brought up that the
troop has to learn to deal with us because we aren't going to just go away.
Then we talked about discipline (Kyle and posse) and that it needs to be
worked on together.  "We all pass on the torch of terror" (again Chris) to
the smaller scouts and that we all caused trouble when we were younger.
That everyone has to learn to deal with the smaller guys.  Then it was
brought up that the VC. Has a lot of scout skills that could be used on
trips, or even during meetings?

So the meeting ended with the following outcome:
~the green bar was going to be asked ahead of time if the VC can come on
~The VC. Is available to teach
~ we need to work more as a team on camp outs and not separately
~discipline needs to be worked on
~that the VC. is going to sponsor some trips just for the green bar, and the

On another note: the pizza was excellent, Oliver had a very nice new leather
jacket (bought for homecoming in Maynard) , that the brownies Mrs. T made
were excellent, and Mr. H got spun around by Oliver.  Oh and Russell
really creative screen name!

written by Oliver L.