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Minutes for the October 15, 2000, Meeting

The meeting began at 7:08pm with the Venturing Oath, led by Alichild C.

Upcoming Events:
10/29-  The Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser-  This is a fundraiser we're doing in conjunction with the troop.  Crew
members should be selling tickets and are expected to show up the  night before (10/28) to help setup, and/or the 29th
to help with cooking and serving and greeting.
11/3-11/5-  Resolute Trip With Troop and Webelos-  The registration for the event is due by 10/24.  There will be a
cooking competition and Mrs. T is looking into doing the COPE course.
11/11-  Veterans Day Parade- The Crew will be marching.
11/12-  Pot Luck Dinner-  This will be our version of a court of honor.  We will talk about past Crew activities along
with upcoming activities, make pitches to parents to help out, show slides and pictures, and have dinner (Obviously).
12/1-12/3-  Hemenway Trip with Troop
12/3-  Parade-  The Crew is marching.

Review of Past Crew Events:
Canoe Trip 9/23-  There are many issues that need to be resolved.  Oliver commented that the trip was a tough event
to plan, and was very well run considering the size of the group and the complex nature of the trip.  The larger issue
that arose from this trip was the involvement of the Venture Crew in troop activities.  Mrs. T, speaking on behalf
of the troop, mentioned that the Greenbar would like to be asked if the crew can participate or not.  They have no
issues with upcoming Troop/Crew trips, they would just like to be asked.  For all joint trips, the Crew will function
as a patrol, with a designated individual serving as patrol leader.  This will ensure that the crew does their share of
the work on trips, and we have better relations and communication with the troop.  A meeting has been scheduled
between the Crew and the Greenbar on Sunday, October 23 from 6:30-8:30pm at the UCC.  We need to offer
ourselves as a resource to the troop, not a burden.  We will look into the possibility of sponsoring a trip for the troop.

Treasurers Report:  Jen went over the status of dues and passed out sheets showing who is current with dues, and
how much money is present in members scout accounts.

The meeting ended at 8:13pm

Other Points of Interest:  Mrs. C made a lovely plate of chicken an rice for Oliver.  It was quite good.
Mr. O brought in much food, and we all enjoyed potato chips, and some wonderful granny smith apples.
Meredith arrived with a lovely blue kiss on her cheek, from playing wink at blue man group.

written by Ben K.