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Meeting for April 25, 2004

The Wilgus canoe trip in VT is the weekend of May 14-16. The permission slips are due Tuesday, 4/27 ...Mrs. T. hasn't gotten them yet, but will be emailing Mr. C. asking for them, so that she can then send them out to the Crew.

As far as a summer high adventure trip goes, a definite date hasn't been set down yet. There is talk of doing it in August so that the older scouts/venture members working at camp will be able to go on it. It'd be a week-long trip that stresses survival skills, so while you'd have food, things like sleeping bag and tents (though may still be brought) won't necessarily be used - you'd have to build your own, debris huts, etc.

The Road Rally is May 8, and will be starting at Nobscot. Registration starts at 12:30, and the driving starts at 1pm. The theme this year is Pirates of the Caribbean, so decorate your cars and dress up accordingly. The forms were handed out tonight, but flyers are being mailed. There's a $15 fee thinger too. Since we have a lot of eligible drivers this year, even though the tendency may be to team up, we are also available to help out other groups who may not have any drivers. There can be up to four people on a team in a car -- one driver, one navigator, and two observers.

The Exploring/Venturing Awards banquet is May 27 at Ken's Steakhouse, at 6:30 or 7pm will be mailed with exact times, and the menu options.

Wood Badge is May 21 .... they really only put us on for Friday, but you can stay into Saturday if you really want to.

We got a Quality Unit ribbon for being a ...quality unit....we put that on the flag tonight.

Our May meeting cannot be the previously scheduled date, because that's Mothers' Day. It's been moved to May 23.

We're still throwing around the caving trip idea, but have been having issues finding a date where everyone, or at least a lot of people, would be available. There is a possibility of doing it in August after camp, but then it may run into the High Adventure trip and dates when people have to start being at school. There is also a proposal that we do it during the summer, since people under 18 at camp don't have to stay over Friday night, and that perhaps it can be asked if those who are over 18 can be released one weekend.

So yeah..that's pretty much what we talked about...oh, and there are several possible new members, but unfortunately none of them could make it tonight. Don't forget - always keep trying to recruit new people!! :)


~ Katrina