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Minutes for the Aug. 16, 2000, Planning Meeting

Thanks to those of you who were able to attend our planning meeting on
August 16th.
The following items were discussed:

*       Dues for the month of June are now overdue.  These are $10 and can
be paid to Jen T.  Dues are collected four times a year, in March, June,
September, and December.
*       We looked at the 2000-2001 calendar and talked about ideas for
activities.  While we will be attending some events with the Boy Scout
Troop, we are also planning trips of our own.  Interest was expressed in
attending the Isaac Davis Camporee in April.  Other ideas included
white water rafting, shooting at the Southborough Rod & Gun, sailing, kayaking,
bowling, Boston Duck Tours, and the Omni Theater.  There is also the
possibility of a backpacking trek at Philmont in the summer of 2002.

*       Sunday, September 10 - Full Crew Meeting, 7-8pm at the UCC.
Officers, arrive at 6:30.  We will be electing new officers for our second
year of operation.  This meeting is mandatory to attend the COPE trip in
*       September 29-30 - COPE at Camp Resolute. This will be a repeat of
our Crew Cope Activity in Oct. 1999.  We will camp at Resolute starting
Friday night, then spend all day Saturday and ½ day Sunday doing low and
high elements of Cope.  May require one evening of instruction and team
building before we go to Resolute for the weekend.  There will be a fee
established for Cope and Food.   Mandatory that you attend the Sept. 10
meeting to participate.  Dues must be paid up!

written by Mrs. T