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Minutes for the April 13, 2003 Meeting

Officers' Meeting : 6:33 pm
Attendance: Chris, Mike, Jen, Katrina

-Viewed Mrs. T.'s pictures from the caving trip
-random chatter
-Jen handed out her budget sheet thing
-Discussed the agenda for the full crew meeting
-more random chatter
--Turns out people dropped of cans/bottles at the church Saturday even though it was raining and it had been canceled.

-Mr. R. arrived

-Discussed how we're going to recruit more people because a lot of members are going to graduate this year. Mike suggested that we give out cash
prizes, but Mrs. T. flatly stated that she was not going to pay people to join the crew.
-Randomly talked about dehydrating food

7:08pm - we decided to start the full crew meeting
final attendance was : Isaac, Julie, Kate, Pat, and Kevin

-Jen did her Treasurer's report
-Anyone who went on the caving trip was refunded $2.39 into their scout accounts
-Jen briefly outlined how much people owed in dues
-The hiking trip is April 22-25....we're all set with drivers
--Mrs. R. will drive us down and will then pick us up on Friday when we're done. We'll be in a state park system anyway, and this driving
arrangement will prevent vehicular vandalism.
-The bottle drive was canceled because of the rain, but the church clean-up has been postponed to next Saturday (April 19). Any Venturers available to
work will be expected to work on Chris' Eagle project.
-Road Rally is May 10 - mailings will be sent out to everyone
-The Youth Recognition Banquet is May 29 - it's for all Venturers and Explorers in the council; it'll be at Ken's Steak House - mailings should be sent out this
-Chris' Eagle project is April 19 and 27 (Saturday and Sunday, respectively)

-We did a calendar run-through
...There will be no real official meeting in May because of Mother's Day and other conflicts Mrs. T. has.

-It was generally decided that we'd do another caving trip. Jen picked the date as July 25-27.

-Came up with some trip and activity ideas for next year (September 03):
--White water rafting
--Attitash (coupled with a mountain hike)
--Whale watch
--Duck Tour
--Camping on a Boston Harbor Island

-The troop is going to Camp Sayre again in November, do we want to go? - yes
-Hemenway in December - yes
-Swim O.C.B.? real answer
-Cross-country ski/backpacking/camping trip - interest was shown
-Freeze-out at Resolute? -yes

March '04 - Andover, ME? --yes
April '04 - Museum of Science camp-in volunteer

--We ended early, so we voted and decided that everyone not going on the AT hike could go home early. Everyone going on the AT hike stayed a bit later
to look at the menu

Meeting Minutes taken by Katrina S.