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Minutes for the March 9, 2003 Meeting

Officers' Meeting: 6:40pm
attendance - Chris, Alison, Jen, Katrina

Jen handed out a budget/treasurer's report
--> we discussed why some people had negative balances (they overspent their accounts)
Jen wanted to hold a vote to reimburse Mrs. T. $20 because of the snow tube trip (they upped the price....again) --> we voted yes
The "Spring Fling" has been postponed to it's not really a Spring Fling anymore....something about a "fall brawl"
Alison explained the principals of "Leave No Trace" for a requirement

Full Crew:

Attendance: Oliver, Justin, Mike, Julie, Kate, Isaac, Kevin, Pat

Did a calendar run-through:

March 21-22 -- Caving trip
April 12 -- Church clean-up
April 13 -- VC Meeting
April 19 -- Mt Washington? -- Chris' eagle project
April 21 -- Minute march to Concord
April 22-25 -- AT hike in CT
May 10 -- Road Rally
May 18 -- VC Meeting
May 26 -- Memorial Day Parade
June 21 -- COPE thing
June 27-29 -- Ft. Ticonderoga
August 9-17 -- Canoe trip

Explained the Minute Man thing :
We meet up in Maynard and join the Stow Minute Men on their march to Concord. Breakfast is provided at the halfway point, free of charge. Last year
they let us march in the parade, and were provided with lunch, free of charge. They then let us share their bus with them, and were bused back to
Maynard. Still free of charge. The Minute Men are in period dress, Venture members can do they same if they want to. Otherwise, we wear Class A.

The AT hike -
We'd leave Tuesday, April 22nd - drive down to CT, do 20 miles of the AT in three days.
9 people showed interest in going at the meeting

Mr. S. then presented a slide show on the area where the canoe trip would be, and a slide show on caves.

Meeting Minutes taken by Katrina S.