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Minutes for the February 9, 2003 Meeting

Officers' Meeting : started 6:40pm
attendance - Chris, Katrina, Jen, Alison, Mike

Should we consider going back to 7-8pm for the full crew meeting? -> yes, because we really don't have enough material to fill up an hour and a half.

Jen did her Treasurer's report - we should have $825, we actually $515 or somewhere thereabouts

Budget : Have Jen draw up a proposed tentative budget, showing what we took in for dues this year, the balance from last year, and predicted expenses
for this coming year.

Caving : Three out of the five officers interested, Mr. S., Mr. O. and Mrs. T. are all interested. Mr. and Mrs. L. are avid cavers, and
might be interested in joining us.
There was a question of where we'd et hard hats - suggestions of the DPW or maybe COPE.

Full Crew Meeting :
Attendance : Kate, Vinny, Isaac

Canoeing possibilities -> Wilgus State park on the Connecticut River in VT, the Sudbury River, Somerset Reservoir in VT

Blackstone River Valley...
Early May = high water, so things might be dangerous, and there isn't a very high canoeing skill level in the crew
Before the trip we should probably do a canoeing safety review thing -> go to say, Mr. O.'s house and do a review of strokes and such in the water
Boat availability -> we have some among crew members, you can rent canoes at Sudbury and at Wilgus, but not at Somerset.
...we could also go camping on Boy Scout Island

Mr. R. had the idea that we could climb Mt. Washington Easter weekend
-> the general consensus was that it sounds like a good idea, but it'll depend on the weather.

AT hike - school vacation week, leave Thursday instead of Friday because it would be easier to do a three day hike instead of a two day hike. We'd be
doing a section in CT.

The Snow-tube trip was rescheduled to Feb. 21

The Road Rally is May 10. the theme is "What's Bugging You"

June 21 is COPE Day at Resolute

VC - to meet with the older scouts to discuss interest in canoeing vs. hiking

No one is working at camp, so we could move the trip to July....

March 16 there'll be a presentation on caving equipment and such

Jen did the Treasurer's report....

Pete's Place won't be happening because of calendar conflicts.

==>Meeting was closed early at 8:05pm because we had nothing left to talk about.<==

Minutes Taken by Katrina S.