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Minutes for the November 24, 2002 Meeting

Officers' Meeting: 6:45 to ...shortly after 7...

Attendance - Chris, Jen, Katrina, Alison, Oliver

>> a lot of VC members are seniors, so, they graduate, and the crew basically disappears.

>> ideally, we need to be able to at least double the size of the crew with in the next month
>>>>we need 9th and 10th graders because we'll need them to be members
for a couple of years to give the crew enough momentum to keep going.
So as a result of all these requirements, we need to do some massive

>> some ideas for getting more people :
~put up posters in schools, like a collage of pictures with faces that people will recognize. Maynard was never officially campaigned, so that should be the main
focus of our efforts (seeing as how the crew is based in Maynard and all)
~create banners online
~have WAVM advertise the crew

***Julie, Kevin, and Patrick came in sometime shortly after 7***

>> Jen's Treasurer's Report : in our general account, we have $485. If everyone was up-to-date on their dues, we would have $1,480.

>> VC could do a freeze-out at Mohawk so we could use the new fireplaces

>> We need to call people to remind them about the meetings, because we've seen that e-mail doesn't work and even Katrina's nifty postcards (sent via regular
old snail mail) didn't get very many people to come to the meeting.

>> given the low number of people at the meeting, it was decided that we should try to hold the elections at Hemenway, because there'd be a greater chance of
having enough people coming on the trip.

>> January 10th - Museum of Science camp-in Volunteer trip

>> Some ideas circulated about setting up a type of out-post thing at Hemenway (but we wouldn't actually sleep in it, just teach the boy scouts outdoor survival

>> The Christmas Parade is Dec. 1. It's a prerequisite for going on Hemenway

>> In March - everyone present showed interest in going on a caving trip

>>Proposed cross-country ski trip....some interest....some people might need to use snowshoes...

We didn't have much else to talk about at this point, and so since there were very few people present, we decided to end the meeting early.

Minutes Taken by Katrina S.