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Minutes for the Jan. 12, 2003 Meeting

Officers' Meeting: 6:45 to 7:15-ish
Attendance - Chris, Alison, Jen, Katrina

General News: we (the crew) donated $100 to the WAVM telethon/Beacon Santa
we have permission from committee to buy a new top for the flag

>>Mrs. T. handed out a calendar of upcoming events and an updated roster (a number of people were dropped at the beginning of the year due to lack of interest and activity in the crew)

>>Permission slips for the freeze-out (Feb. 1-2) are now available. They are due back by Jan. 25th. The freeze-out will be at Camp Resolute at Mohawk, so we will be staying in the lean-tos (and making use of the wondrous, newly rebuilt fireplaces).

>>We reviewed the calendar and corrected a few typographical errors.

>>Mr. P. has invited us up to his cabin in Maine again this year, and so we would plan on going in March. The trip would be for Venture Crew and older scouts (JLs) only.

Full Crew Meeting: 7:15-ish to 8:15-ish
Attendance - Mike K, Ben K, Sean, Kate

>>After the meeting was officially opened, Mrs. T. handed out the calendars to those who did not have them. She also handed out the Freeze Out permission slips.

>>The snow tubing event at Amesbury Sport park will be February 7, permission for that were handed out. The required number of people to get a group rate has increased, so the fee for the trip has increased. If the number of people required for a group rate attend, the money will be refunded. The cost of the trip includes a budgeted amount for us to buy "real" food, so we won't have to rely on the over-priced vending machines for sustenance.

>>Mrs. St. will be sending out mail regarding the banquet (you should have gotten it by now...)

>>Proposed backpacking trip in April, the weekend we would have done Isaac Davis.
>>April 26-27, we would do a piece of the AT in CT. Since it's the end of April Vacation week, we could even leave Thursday or Friday morning.

>>Columbus Day Weekend there's a jamboree that the crew could attend as a participating crew, not as just servicing the troops there.

>>Mrs. T. handed out patches to the crew members who went to the Museum of Science as Camp-In volunteers.

>>Chris mentioned seeing a flyer for a Boston history thing that includes things like a boat ride, sea songs, etc...

>>Alison presented her tabletop displays on alpine skiing and rifling

>>Chris had an activity about turns out that not too many of us were very good at abstract thinking...

>>We wanted to hold an election, but there weren't enough people present for us to legally do that. After a brief discussion, it was decided that since we had people there who wished to run for all of the positions, we would ignore the bylaws for this one time and just have the vote that night. This decision was agreed on by a 4/5 vote by the officers, and elections were finally held. The results of the election are:

President = Chris S.
VP. Administration = Mike K.
VP. Programming = Alison C.
Treasurer = Jen T.
Secretary = Katrina S.

>>Since we still had time left, we moved to close the meeting early. The motion passed, and the meeting was closed.

The next meeting is February 9, 2003, at the UCC
The Meeting Begins at 7pm

Officers' Meeting begins at 6:30pm

Meeting Minutes taken by Katrina S.