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Minutes for the September 8, 2002 Meeting 

Officers' Meeting:

Attendance - all present

Oliver mentioned that there had been complaints that we (the crew) hadn't been doing trips etc. that were exciting enough. Said that if we did more
fundraising, we'd be able to do more expensive (and thus, potentially more exciting) trips and such. The white water rafting trip came up as an example
as being $90 per person at the moment. It was also mentioned that we need to figure out and agree on what we're going to spend the general fund
money on.

Oliver found a "PCI" form; a talent survey that parents fill out saying what skills they have that would helpful to the crew, like what subjects they could teach
or come to meetings and talk about etc. 
We would have to have a Parents' Night type thing if we were going to give the forms to parents, because otherwise only very few would make it back to
The idea of wanting more parents to be involved is due to :
--> at the moment the crew has to rely on the boy scouts for transportation 
--> with more people comes more resources 

**the general consensus was that we need to recruit more outside people, but also the boy scouts who have officially been registered as part of the

...We would have the parents come in and talk about their experiences (ones that would relate to what we're doing and rank advancement, etc)
Focus a little more on rank advancement --> people working towards their Bronze or Ranger have to do presentations as a requirement.
Crew members (namely officers) need to be the ones who do most of the activity planning work, not the advisors. They must also follow through on
the activities, not simply raise the idea .
And thus, because if various issues with planning, scheduling and such, we don't have any real trips for September (excluding the First Nighter).

First Nighter--

The First Nighter is supposed to reflect the crew's theme. We are technically registered as "religious", because we meet in a church. It was decided that
we're much more outdoorsy than religious, and so the crew theme will be "outdoors" for the First Nighter.
--> because our theme is "outdoors" it was said that we hold the First Nighter somewhere other than the UCC; somewhere outside.
A brainstorming session was had, and it was agreed upon to spend all day Saturday on Crow Island doing various activities and perhaps canoeing too,
feed the potential members well and spend the night there .....would then bring it up at the full crew meeting and see what they said.
---> since more planning time is needed for a First Nighter such as this, the date for it has been moved to September 28th-29th.
advertisement (very important!): flyers, WAVM, the Action Unlimited, put an ad in the Beacon, post stuff on the website, sign boards (like what's done for
the bottle drive and pancake breakfast), posters in the school.
--> as we still need to put an article in the Beacon about Philmont, we could put a little side note in about the First Nighter.

The idea of having an e-mail link on the site for people to e-mail us for more specific info. if they were in the area and interested in joining was brought up 
-- Jen will e-mail the decided screen name and password to the officers.

The caving trip has been moved to march 21st-23rd (had been the 7th-9th).

Isaac Davis --> do we still want to do it? -bring it up and vote on it at full crew meeting.

Treasurer's Report: Jen handed out the sheets etc....if everyone was up-to-date on their dues we would have $940. We currently have $580. (the payment roster currently includes all those who went to Philmont) 

Full Crew Meeting: 
People dribbled in...there was random conversation while we waited for more people to come....a babbling of inside jokes from Philmont, the people who
didn't go looked at those who did oddly in a confused manner.

The Pledge of Allegiance and Venturing Oath were said.

Attendance (excluding officers): 
Amanda, Julie, Ben, plus three potential/imminent members (Dave S., & Pat & Kevin M.)

Jen had an IQ test activity for the crew which consisted of various word riddles.

Did a quick run-through of the calendar.

We then had guest speakers who came and talked about the Wood badge Course in Jaffrey, NH. It will take place Friday, October 11th through Sunday
October 13th. People are needed to arrive ASAP on Friday, noon, if possible. Arrangements will be made for those who can't get out of school that
early. We would finish about 4:30pm on Sunday ...(it's Columbus Day weekend)
--> we would act as staff, and demonstrate to and lead the adults participating in the course. Course consists of camping with leave-no-trace
policies etc. We are treated like guests by the adults, and they will feed us.
--> a minimum of 8 people are required - more is great
***only conflict is that that's the weekend SATs are. So any seniors who can come -that would be great.....focusing more on the juniors/sophomores who
don't have SATs***
permission slips for the Wood badge Course were handed out.

It was agreed by all the crew present that we should have a Parents' Night and that the PCI forms should be sent out.

Jen handed out the individual dues update slips to all who were present.

Isaac Davis - the majority of people present didn't want to go back, and thus it was decided that we won't do it this year (being April ' 03)

First Nighter - did an overview of the ideas that had been brought up during the officer's meeting.
Chair people of committees for the First Night planning - Oliver will send out an e-mail for people to lead the committees

Received permission slips for the Lean-to trip (fixing the fireplaces, not the cooking competition)

Concerning caving -> an organized cave trip would cost us $50 per person, just for the cave. Sleeping and food costs would be additional to that. Mr. S. could take us through the cave, because he has done this particular cave 6 or 7 times. 

The next meeting is (tentatively) scheduled for October 20th. 
Officers' Meeting : 6:30- 7:00pm
Full Crew Meeting: 7:00-8:30pm

Written by Katrina S.