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Minutes for the April 21, 2002 Meeting

Officers' Meeting:  started- 6:35pm    ended - 7:32

Attendance: Oliver, Chris, Jen, Katrina, Sean

Road rally - we didn't have any drivers, but were able to combine with
another town.

Decided to take people off the roster if they haven't come to meetings in a
long time and who haven't paid dues. --- A postcard or e-mail would be sent out to
the people who were going to  be taken off  the roster, notifying them of their
immanent removal from the list.  The notification would tell the people how much
they owed in dues.  They would then have to call or e-mail Chris, telling him if they
wanted to stay in venture.  They would then have to come to the next meeting,
and pay off the dues that they owed.

Jen handed out business cards that had the crew website on them so people
would stop asking her what the address is.  Several comments were made that
she was a little too excited for rectangular pieces of paperboard.

We should try to do a one night camping expedition in the Stow town forest so
we cant set up stuff for Philmont, and do a run through of what we should
have in our packs for Philmont.

Youth Leadership Awards Dinner - May 22nd at Nobscot - $12 per person

Calendar Overview for the Next Year

May 2002:
May 1st - EVOA meeting

May 19th - Venture meeting  (was going to be the 12th, but Mrs. T. said
that NO we were not going to have a meeting on Mothers' Day)

June 2002:
June 6th - next EVOA meeting (officers)

July/August 2002:

September 2002:
September 13th - White water rafting in Kennebec, ME.  (They do give
discounts to scouts/large groups, so the more people that go, the better.  We
would drive up, camp, raft Saturday, then come home)

September 22nd - First Nighter. We need to have one because a lot of people
are going to be cut from the roster, and some of the new members aren't/won't
be very active. It also has to be advertised that you can be 18 and still be
a "kid" (not a technical "adult").  Posters and flyers will be put up in
schools and public areas to advertise , we (the crew) still have to organize
it, like what we will do exactly.

      --> 7:32 pm Sean joined us and we officially started our "full crew"
meeting which
     ended at 8:10pm

October 2002:
October 18th-20th - Rebuild the fireplaces at Resolute.  We will stay in the
lean-tos while we're working on the fireplaces

October 27th - Pancake breakfast

November 2002:
November 1st-3rd - Lean-to trip

December 2002:
December 6th-8th - Hemenway

January 2003:
January 17th-19th(tentative) - Annapolis

February 2003:
February 1st-2nd - Freeze out

March 2003:
March 7th-9th - Caving trip in Amherst

April 2003:
April 12th - Church clean up/bottle drive

April 14th (?) - March with the Stow Minute Men

April 26th-27th - Isaac Davis

May 2003:
May 2nd-4th - Canoe trip

May 18th - VC meeting

August 2003:
Week of the 4th - A long canoe (3 or more days) exact date TBA.

Meeting Reminder:  VC meetings are the second Sunday of every month unless
otherwise announced.

Minutes Taken by Katrina S.