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Minutes for the March 10, 2002 Meeting

Officers' Meeting:  Started - 6:37 pm   Ended - 7:00pm

Attendance - Oliver, Alison, Chris, Jen, Katrina

Shirts - do we need a color change? maybe add black? final decision was reached

Decided to have meetings the second Sunday of every month (with the exception of April due to the Isaac Davis tip)

Treasurer's Report -  we gave Council a check for $100 ; can become an annual donation if we chose to vote as such next year

[at this time we took a brief respite to assist the people bringing in food]

At the Council Meeting :

       It was discussed that VC camp should be offered for more than just one week  during the summer (i.e. multiple sessions)
       VC people should be offered more activities at camp, like shooting etc...
       Margaret's money goal was raised to $4000 from $2000 because she had already raised around $3000.

We're going to try to incorporate more rank advancement stuff in the meetings (towards the Ranger Award)

Cursory calendar overview :
       Car wash/bottle drive - June 15th
       Road Rally - May 4th
       White Mountain hike - June 21st-23rd
       Philmont - July 31st-August15th

Full Crew Meeting:  Started - 7:05pm    Ended - 8:10pm

Attendance (excluding officers) - Sean, Julie

Chris raised some trip ideas - permission was granted from council to do the fireplaces at Resolute (do those maybe sometime in September or
October) ; Do a kayaking trip: various crew members own multiple kayaks so we'd be able to outfit everyone; caving...there are a number of caves in

Answering phones for WGBH fell through

Perhaps we should embark on some social/cultural activities: Blue Man's Group, Boston Aquarium, museum tours, the ballet, plays, etc...

Future planning at next meeting = brainstorm for trip/activitiy ideas; bring your calendars

Jen's activity - "Scrambled Cities" ... found out Oliver can't spell...

Jen gave her treasurer's report

The Road Rally permission slips were handed out

Philmont Crew size:  Concerns about how big it is.  option of maybe splitting it in two, and giving one crew a 15-20 minute head start on the trail just to
simply space them out.

Chris gave a presentation on hiking for rank advancement.

Meeting Minutes taken by Katrina S.