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Minutes for the January 13, 2002 Meeting

Officers' Meeting: started - 6:37pm ended - 7:00pm

Attendance - Jen, Chris, Katrina

As Alison and Oliver weren't there, Jen and Chris outlined the several things they had planned to bring up in the full crew meeting (details in that section)

Full Crew Meeting: started - 7:05pm ended - 8:30

Attendance - Alison 

Fun/exciting things done since last meeting - Oliver and Alison went scuba diving in Florida Keys

Jen's Activity - make ten out of nine toothpicks 

Jen did her treasurer's report 

There was an idea to donate money from our dues or collect cans/bottles from crew members' homes, redeem them, and send the money to Council. 
This money would help equalize program fees as it costs about $187 per youth member for various programs etc..
>>Voted to give Council $100 from our dues, and then additional money from the can/bottle redemption --> motion passed

**People need to get their Philmont money in -- each person should have about $800 in their account by now**

If you need gear for Philmont, Oliver has a list of all the things you'll need.

Mr. W. can arrange for us to set up a table at [airport in Bedford] so we can sell drinks (bottled water, cans of soda, etc...) at the air show so we can
raise money for Philmont.

February 22nd -- Philmont training weekend - Mr. P.'s cabin in Maine **anybody who has snowshoes, please bring them as the troop has a
limited supply**

weekend of January 18 - was the Coast Guard Academy trip

In response to the idea of doing a cross country ski trip up Mt. Washington, it was decided that too many people are too inexperienced = a training
weekend type thing somewhere in NH, stay at the hostel in Conway, NH Jan. 25th 
>>People interested - Jen, Oliver, Katrina, and Chris

Proposed date for Washington trip - February 15-17th
>>People interested - Vinny, Jen, Chris, Oliver, Alison, Katrina

Snow tubing - $15 per person at Amesbury sports park; bring a non-venture friend -- good way to recruit people

PBS TV pledge - Crew would go to the PBS station and answer the phones when they do those pledge things on TV. It would be sometime in March
(maybe) - the crew would be in a front row and so on TV (publicity). - website where you can go to apply to go to Maho Bay (in the Caribbean) and stay at their camp and do ecology stuff.

Alison did a presentation on how to get a scuba certification (requirement for her to get her Bronze Award)
>>For her subject related to scuba diving, she did the dangers involved

The Museum of Science camp-in -- lots of fun, 8 people went. Museum staff were unsure how a co-ed group of Program Assistants would work out with
the cub scouts
>>They were very happy to have us and now are no longer uneasy about a co-ed group of PAs

The crew received thank you noted from the food pantry -- 259lbs of canned goods were collected

Sean received the Founders Award at the Lodge Banquet January 12th. Receiving it is a big honor as it's rarely awarded. Ben mentioned that he has
been at the lodge for five years, and has only seen it awarded to someone once before Sean. 

Permission slips for the Snow tubing and Coast Guard Academy trips were handed out at the meeting.

A date for the next meeting was not decided upon.

Meeting Minutes taken by Katrina S.