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Lover's Leap

803F1 Pictures

The pre-hike talk with our ranger, Charise, at the Lover's Leap turnaround.


Setting up the rain fly for the first time at our campsite with the aid of Charise.


Throwing our very first bear line for us was Ben K.  Ben managed to get the rope over on his very first throw.


One of the fantastic views from the rocks of Lover's Leap.


The Rasta Girls (now including Trina) lurking near the edge of Lover's Leap.  Ben K. is in the background peering over the edge, which was a clear shot to the ground very far below.


The guys replacing the girls in their spot on the edge of Lover's Leap.


Lover's Leap as seen from the road where we filled our water bottles.  Appearances can be deceiving, it was a lot higher than this picture shows.


The ground at the base of Lover's Leap.  We made desperate search for Alison's sunglasses that fell when she was peering over the edge in the same manner as Ben K. in a previous picture.  The glasses got caught in the window and hit a rock which popped out one of the lenses which just fluttered away in the wind.  The glasses were never found.  May they rest in peace. Unknown - August 4, 2002.


Our first dinner graciously cooked by Oliver.  We dined upon lasagna that night.  It was mixed with corn and was overall not bad.


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