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Crater Lake

803F1 Pictures

A view from the trail as we hiked from Lover's Leap to Crater Lake on Day 3.


Amanda at the top of the spar pole.  Amanda must have been one of the fastest spar pole climbers, she flew up the pole.


Charise near the top of the spar pole she was climbing.


The laundry and water bottle filling party including people from both crews.


Alison, Amanda, and Bob the Burrow.  This was our first encounter with Bob.  We will see him again at Beaubien with Prospector John.


The view from the porch of the cabin at Crater Lake.  In the distance you can see the Tooth of Time.


Jen and Amanda watch in amazement as three deer come with twenty or thirty feet of them.


The awesome campfire thrown by the Crater Lake staff and Prospector John (farthest left).


The crew experiencing the sunrise as one last activity with Charise before she left them.


The breathtaking sunrise as seen from the campfire ring.


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