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Cimarroncito Day 10

(mostly Conservation Work)

803F1 Pictures

Both crews awaiting the Conservation Talk at Conservation Work.


Part of the crew preparing a spot for the rock step at Conservation Work.


The rock that Jen, Vinny, Chris, and Alison rolled down the large hill with the aid of Conservationist Dave and Dan.  Vinny was the best rock finder of the day as he found this rock.


The rock rollers and Oliver the rock loser.  He tied a defective knot on the rock and the next thing you know the rock falls over the ledge to a stream 20ft. below.


Of course, not wanting to give up on the rock, testosterone took over and the "manly men" of both crews hauled the 200lb. rock up from the stream to the spot it belonged.  This was actually a very strenuous task because the slope was very steep.


Of course now they thought that since they did one why not do another.  This is a picture of the group hauling yet another rock from the stream. This one was about twice the size.


In an effort to avoid the testosterone Jen and Katrina place much smaller rocks on the rock staircase.


Jeremy scaling the climbing wall at Cimarroncito.


Various members from both crews playing a volleyball game with two other guys from another crew.  The game was just pure fun, no points involved.


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