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Day 7


This is the view that laid before us when we were readying for our departure from
                                                                                                           the falls.  The morning fog still hung over the river.


Waiting for Jen and Katrina to cross the beaver dam.

Chris and Russell


Kevin and John





Jen and Katrina wait to cross the beaver dam.


After we reached our campsite, part of the group decided to go on a side canoe trip.

Pat, John, & Chris


Owen, Ben, Matt, & Max


Mr. S., Mr. Sch., & Mrs. S.



Kevin, Jen, & Katrina read.



Katrina climbs a tree.  She commonly did this.


Jen spent 30 minutes trying to construct a comfy swing from the bear line.


We saw a beaver while we were eating dinner.


Pat is back inside the bear/dry bag.  Also don't miss just exactly how dirty Katrina
                                                                                                          and Jen are.


The fire!





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