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Day 6 - The Waterfall


The crew heads to the falls for fun filled day of rest.


Jen and Katrina head to the chute to go for a slide.


Let's all get in the water!


One of our greatest amusements was throwing things over the falls, from Kevin's
                                                                                                           Sponge Bob beach ball to this noodle.


We explored downstream a little bit, but it wasn't exciting so we stuck with the


Kevin and Jen are conspiring to clothesline's people who attempt to walk back up
                                                                                                            the chute.  They were successful many times.


Pat decided he'd try other ways of sliding on the falls.  It looked like it'd be fun,
                                                                                                          except for the large flat rock you couldn't see. Boy did that feel nice on your tailbone.


John may be going to Harvard, but he sure needs to work on his reading skills.



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