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Day 4 - "The Carry"


Jen and Katrina paddling to their doom a.k.a. "The Carry."  Later they would resort
                                                                                                            to kicking the canoe in an effort to move it.


This pond cut a 1/2 mile off of our carry, it was much appreciated.  The pond
                                                                                                            occurred about a mile into the carry.


Same pond, different angle.


Chris and John going to put their canoe into the pond ready to cross.


After crossing the pond and eating lunch, Chris and John are off!  Well sort
                                                                                                           of...they seemed to have stopped about 20ft down the trail.


This is the pond as seen from the other side.


After the horrible struggle during the first mile, Katrina and Jen traded canoes with
                                                                                                           Kevin and Pat because Pat and Kevin's canoe was a little lighter.  Here they seem
                                                                                                           to be jamming up.



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