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Day 3

The night before Mr. S warned us that we may encounter the same bear that they
                                                                                                            encountered on the at the beginning of the peninsula.  Apparently they scared it
                                                                                                            out of their own site and it ran in the general direction of our site.  Panicked
                                                                                                            because our bear bags were not strung we decided to throw our bags in a canoe
                                                                                                            and float it out in the middle of the cove with an anchor.


The view from our campsite.


This is one of our campsites.  Ours is obviously very cramped and very messy.


Jen and Katrina were the pirates of this canoe trip.  Complete with homemade
                                                                                                            "Jolly Roger" and flagpole.


Pat ended up inside dry bags often, this was only the first time.


We had to swamp our canoes because they were really dirty from collecting wood that morning.

Chris and Russell's canoe.


Jen and Katrina's canoe.


Someone thought it would be a great idea to swamp all the canoes. It wasn't, we
                                                                                                            had to swim one to shore to right it.  Although Katrina and Jen attempted semi-
                                                                                                            successfully to paddle the swamped boat and to try and right it alone.



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