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Day 1 - And we're off....












We stopped here, at this waterfall that feeds into the lake we were about to
                                                                                                            canoe, for a quick scenic adventure.  From left: Kevin, Jen, & Katrina.  Kevin
                                                                                                            manage to slip a little and ended up with numerous little leeches all over his foot.


This was the view under the bridge at the waterfall spot.  The lake in the distance is
                                                                                                            the lake we were about to canoe.


Here Russell is doing a few last minute things with him pack as it is pouring and we
                                                                                                           are about to get into our canoes.


It's only the first night and we are all damp from the persistent rain.  We are in the
                                                                                                           process of making dinner in this photo.  The mosquitoes in our first campsite were
                                                                                                           absolutely horrid.  We went to bed fairly early the first night to escape the rain and
                                                                                                           the mosquitoes.


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