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Beaubien Day 6

803F1 Pictures

The plane wreck on top of Trail Peak.


The view from the top of Trail Peak.


Leaving for our horseback ride through the trails.  Alison waving with Mr. R. in front of her.


The second horse from the left is Tracer with Ben K. on his back.  Tracer was an unfriendly horse that was not to fond of Ben being on his back while in the corral and tried to let Ben know a few times.


Sean holding the kitten of Beaubien, Pip Squeak.


The crew after horseback riding and a long day overall.  We might as well have been dead at this point.


(left to right) Katrina, Alison, and Vinny learning about branding.


A view of Beaubien.


The crew thoroughly enjoying the first non-freeze dried meal we'd had in days.  Sure it was canned stew, but it was still really good.


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